Advisory to Chapter Archives
Chairman- Michael L. Laurence Chairman- Jules F “Jeff” Webb
Timothy J. Riley, Sr. Howard Entwistle
Howard Entwistle Timothy J. Riley, Sr.
E. J. “Mickey” Durand Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr. Jeff May

Masonic Law & Jurisprudence Credentials & Registration
Chairman-Wm. James “Jim” Hill, III Chairman-Dale Johnson
Jules F “Jeff” Webb Don Springler
Larry J. Plaisance Ken Streater
Terry Fowler Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.

Finance Foreign Correspondence
Chairman-Timothy J. Riley, Sr. Chairman-Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.
E. J. “Mickey” Durand Joseph Patterson
Richard L. James, PGHP Carle Jackson
Keith Powell
Andrew Stevenson Necrology
Michael Watts Chairman-Joseph Patterson
Anthony “Tony” Radosti Vernon R Atkinson
Terry Macon Gerald H. Houston
Harold Young Carle Jackson

Promotion and Publicity Program & Arrangements
Chairman- V. Eugene Dawson Chairman- Levi Chad Koelling
Keith Powell Jeff Maynor
Levi Chad Koelling Michael Watts
Michael Darin West Stuart Everrit
Andrew Stevenson
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr.

Long Range Planning Committee Housing/Hotel (Extension of Long Range/
Chairman-Michael Watts Arrangements Committees)
Samuel B. Owens Chairman-Vernon R Atkinson
Andrew Stevenson Levi Chad Koelling
Keith Powell E. J. “Mickey” Durand
Glenn Bledsoe
Keith Powell

Festivals Membership
Chairman-Grand Lecturer- Chairman-Michael Darin West
Timothy J. Riley, Sr. Michael Watts
INCLUDING Eddie Leboeuf, III
DDGHP, DDGL, and HP Jeffery Maynor
Lucas Guy
Brad Williams
Tom Kussmann

Charters & Dispensations Appeals & Grievances
Chairman-Michael L. Laurence Chairman- E. J. “Mickey” Durand
Howard Entwistle Michael L. Laurence
Larry J. Plaisance Edward “Eddie” Reine
Richard L. James Terry Fowler, PHP

Distribution Constituent Chapter & State of the Order
Chairman-Gerald Houston Chairman-E. J. “Mickey” Durand
Andrew Stevenson John Belanger
Carle Jackson Jeremy Galster

Constitution & General Regulations Work & Education
Chairman-Wm. James “Jim” Hill, III Chairman-Carle Jackson
Timothy J. Riley, Sr John Belanger
Howard Entwistle Michael L Laurence
E. J. “Mickey” Durand W. A. Morris
Edwin "Ed" L. Horton, Jr. V. Eugene Dawson
Terry Fowler Eddie Leboeuf, III
Keith Powell

Publication Philanthropies (RARA)
Chairman-Richard L. James Chairman-Terry Macon
Michael Watts Anthony “Tony” Radosti
David McCoy Michael Watts
Don Bell V. Eugene Dawson
Eddie Leboeuf, III
Glenn Bledsoe
David Marine

Perpetual Membership Youth
Chairman-Allen Tidwell Chairman-Frank N. DuTriel, Jr.
Joseph “Joe” Baker William Blake
Vernon R Atkinson Michael Watts
Anthony “Tony” Radosti Rory Bozeman
Wilson Cook
Chester Finley

York Rite Awareness Time & Place
Chairman-Vernon R. Atkinson Chairman- Samuel B. Owen
Michael Watts Michael Watts
Anthony “Tony” Radosti Michael L. Laurenc
David Marine
Don Springler
John Amador
+ ALL Past Grand High Priest & Elected/
Appointed Officers for the Grand Chapter

Hospitality & Banquet
Co-Chairperson-Janie Riley Julia Radosti
Co-Chairperson-Sharon Powell Caroline Edgar
Co-Chairperson-Maddie Lazar Leluan Durand
Hospitality Host-Linda Riley Nona Entwistle
Hospitality Host-Elaine Atkinson Janice James
Emeritus Hospitality Host-Wallice House Sharon Bertrand
Emeritus Hospitality Host-Pearle Maize Elizabeth Fox