28 Web Sites , OWNED and OPERATED
by Dan Pushee and Hosted by www.yorkrite.org

Official Information Sitewww.yorkrite.org
Description of Degrees www.yorkrite.org/Degrees
Dan's Clip Art www.yorkrite.org/clipart
Membership Videos www.yorkrite.org/membership.html
Research Papers www.yorkrite.org/info.htm
National Calendar www.yorkrite.org/events.htm
Light in the York Rite www.yorkrite.org/LightintheYorkRite
Magazines www.yorkrite.org/magazines.html
Masonic Week Formwww.yorkrite.org/MasonicWeek
Contact Form www.yorkrite.org/contactform.html

Miami, FL www.yorkrite.org/miami
  Union City. CA www.yorkrite.org/unioncity

  Pennsylvania (5) www.yorkrite.org/pafamily
  Lux ex Tenebris No. 176 www.yorkrite.org/pafamily/amd176
  Eire No.105, PA www.yorkrite.org/pafamily/km105/
  William Allen No.176 www.yorkriteorg/pafamily/yrc176
  PENN Priory No. 6 www.yorkriteorg/pafamily/kych6

Virginia (11) www.yorkrite.org/vafamily
  Fredericksburg York Ritewww.yorkrite.org/vafamily/fyr
     Royal Arch Chapter #23www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/rac23
     Commandery, KT, #1www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/kt1
     SOOB # 266www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/soob/266
  Virginia No.12 www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/km12/
  Washington & Lee No.93 www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/yrc93/
  Hampton Roads No. 95 www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/yrc95/
  ROSE of SHARON* www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/kych2/
  Garden of Gethsemane, No. II www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/hraktp2/
  Nova Vita LXIII www.yorkrite.org/vafamily/hraktp73/

In General, the 18 York Rite Sites are UPDATED every year after each Annual Meeting
by information provided by each Secretary/Recorder or the representative.
Obviously, if the "UPDATED YEAR"on the Site is not the current year,
that information has not been received by the webmaster kych52fl@gmail.com