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This PAGE presents the CURRENT list of SPONSORS who provide SUPPORT
for the PRESENCE of the York Rite of Freemasonry on the INTERNET.
650 TOTAL YORK RITE SITES as of 3 March 2014
Since August of 1997, OVER 10 MILLION Visitors to ALL SITES

For Helping to Spread the Light of the York Rite
of Freemasonry on the Internet
245 SITES of Freem@sonry on the Internet
If anyone else would like to help out by becoming a SPONSOR
please contact me by E-mail: kych52fl@gmail.com

SUPPORT SPONSORS [83] of the York Rite on the INTERNET

Oct-97 General Grand Chapter, International www.ramint.org
Nov-97 Grand Chapter, Indiana TRANSFERRED
Mar-98 Grand Council, RSMM, Massachusetts www.yorkrite.com/gcma
Dec-98 Grand York Rite Bodies, North Carolina www.yorkrite.com/nc
Feb-99 Grand Commandery, Iowa TRANSFERRED
Mar-99 Grand Commandery, New Jersey www.knightstemplar.org/gckt/nj
Mar-99 Grand Council, Knight Masons, USA www.knightmasons.org
May-99 York Rite Sovereign College of NA www.yrscna.org
Jun-99 Grand Council RSM, Rhode Island www.yorkrite.com/gcri
Jun-99 Grand Commandery, Connecticutww.knightstemplar.org/gckt/ct
Jun-99 Grand York Rite Bodies, Oregon www.yorkrite.com/or
Sep-99 Grand York Bodies, Maryland TRANSFERRED
Sep-99 GrandYork Rite Bodies, Alabama www.yorkrite.com/al
Oct-99 Grand Commandery, MA&RIwww.knightstemplar.org/gckt/mari
Oct-99 Convenant General, KYCH www.kych.org
Nov-99 Grand York Rite Bodies, Wisconsin www.yorkrite.com/wi
Dec-99 Grand Council RSMM, Pennsylvania www.yorkrite.com/gcpa
Dec-99 Grand Council Allied Masonic Degrees www.amdusa.org
Jan-00 Victory Daylight Lodge #1778, VA TERMINATED
Aug-00 Grand York Rite Bodies, Vermont www.yorkrite.com/vt
Dec-00 Grand York Rite Bodies, Arizona TERMINATED 2013
Apr-02 Grand York Rite Bodies, Colorado www.yorkrite.com/co
Aug-02 Grand York Rite Bodies, Minnesota TRANSFERRED
Nov-02 Grand York Rite Bodies, Montana www.yorkrite.com/mt
Mar-03 Cryptic Masons Medical Res Fdn TERMINATED
Apr-03 Grand York Rite Bodies, Wyoming www.yorkrite.com/wy
Jun-05 Grand York Rite Bodies, Utah TRANSFERRED
Jun-05 Grand Council, RSM, Connecticut www.yorkrite.org/gcrsmct
Aug-06 Pensylvania Associated Bodies www.yorkrite.com/pa
Oct-06 Grand York Rite, South Dakota www.yorkrite.com/sd
Oct-06 Grand Encampment Knights Templar www.knightstemplar.org
Dec-06 Fernwood Lodge #543 PA TERMINATED 2013
Jan-07 Mystic Lodge, Pittsfield MA TERMINATED
Jan-07 31st Masonic District, Massachusetts TERMINATED
Mar-07 Grand York Rite Bodies, Louisiana www.yorkrite.org/la
May-07 Connecticut College, SRICF, CT www.sricf.org/ct
Dec-08 Grand Royal Arch Chapter, Massachusettswww.yorkrite.com/gracma
Feb-10 Grand Chapter, RAM, Connecticut www.yorkrite.org/gcramct
Feb-10 Grand York Rite Bodies, Arkansas www.yorkrite.com/ar
Mar-10 Grand York Rite Bodies, North Dakota www.yorkrite.com/nd
Jun-10 The High Council, SRICF www.yorkrite.org/sricf
Jun-10 Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter, PA www.pagrandchapter.org
Aug-10 Grand York Rite Bodies, Nebraska TRANSFERRED
Aug-10 Omaha Masonic Community Ctr Fdn, NE www.mwsite.org/omccf
Dec-10 Grand Commandery, District of Columbiawww.knightstemplar.org/gckt/dc
Jan-11 St.Paulís Conclave, RCC, New York ww.redcrossconstantine.net/nycsp
Jan-11 Council of Annointed Kings, PA www.yorkrite.com/gcpa/cak
Mar-11 Grand Commandery, Tennessee TERMINATED 2012
Apr-11 SOOB Katie Ryland (SWP) 1 TIME DONATION
May-11 Grand Commandery, Michigan TRANSFERRED
Jun-11 Grand York Rite Bodies, Idaho TRANSFERRED
Nov-11 Miami FL, York Rite Bodies www.yorkrite.org/miami
Nov-11 Grand Commandery, KT, Virginia www.knightstemplar.org/gckt/va
Dec-11 South Shore Commandery No.15, MARI TERMINATED
Jul-12 Grand Council Royal & Select Masters, WAwww.grandcouncil-wa.org
Sep-12 SOOB www.knightstemplar.org/soob
Nov-12 Sonny Leviste, GYR Philippines TRANSFERRED
Mar-13 Harvey I. Mize, Council No. 101 KM, AR www.knightmasons.org/101
May-13 Jack L. Sharp, Council No. 91 KM, AR www.knightmasons.org/91
May-13 Grand Commandery, KT, Washington ww.knightstemplar.org/gckt/wa
May-13 Evergreen State Priory No, 41, WA www.evergreenpriory41.org
Jul-13 Knight Templar Eye Foundation www.knightstemplar.org/ktef
Oct-13 Pyramid Shriners, Milford CT www.pyramidshriners.org
Oct-13 Steven G. Tiner, PGHP, AR, 2011-2012 1 TIME DONATION - Candidate
Nov-13 Green Mountain YRC No.139, VTwww.yrscna.org/139
Jan-14 Pulaski Heights No.673, AKwww.pulaskiheights.org
Feb-14 Mary Conclave, RCC, PAwww.redcrossconstantine.net/
Feb-14 The Grand College of America, HRAKTPwww.hraktp.org
May-14 Rose of Sharon Priory No. 2, KYCH, VAwww.kych.org/2
Jun-14 Grand Commandery, KT, West Virginia www.knightstemplar.org/gckt/wv
Jun-14 Arkansas YRC No.142 www.yrscna.org/142
Jun-14 Virginia College, SRICF, VA www.sricf.org/va
Jul-14 Nova Vita No.73, HRAKTP, VA www.hraktp.org/73
Aug-14 Grand RAC, West Virginia www.yorkrite.com/wv/ra
Aug-14 N. NJ Chapter No. 42, Sojournerswww.mwsite.org/sojourners/42
Nov-14 Virginia Research Priory No. 1823www.knightstemplar.org/gckt/va/17/1823
Nov-14 Fond du Lac Lodge No. 26, WI www.lodge26.org
Nov-15 Grand York Rite of Togo www.yorkrite.com/togo
Dec-15 Lily of the Valley, No.46, HRAKTP, IL www.hraktp.org/46
Apr-16 Union City Masonic Home, York Rite, CAwww.yorkrite.com/unioncity
Mar-16Pentagon York Rite College, Tampawww.yrscna.org/62
Apr-16 St. Sebastian Conclave, RCC, FLwww.redcrossconstantine.net/27
May-16 Prince Hall York Rite Family, NCwww.yorkrite.com/pha/nc

Published May 13, 1998 @ 9:00 PM
REVISED May 31, 2016

Since 1 November 1998