Clanna Ruid Ruide
Council No. 58

Union City, California
The Order of Knight Masons is an
Invitational and Honorary Body
Fraternal Greetings and
to the Official Home Page of
Clanna Ruid Ruide Council No. 58
Knight Masons, USA
Meeting in the Masonic Home
34400 Mission Blvd.
Union City, CA 94587-3604
NEXT MEETING: March 2017
Bud Ramsey
Excellent Chief

Officers 2017
Excellent Chief Bud Ramsey
Senior Knight Gregg Hall
Junior Knight Chris Trueblood
Scribe Patrick Bailey
Treasurer John Williams
Senior Warden Randy Downey
Junior Warden Cleveland Valrey
Conductor and D. C. Aaron Nichols
Priest Brandon Duenas
Steward Nicholas Mulhauser
Sentinal Wolfgang Lochner
Tyler Jonathan Prestage
Past Excellent Chiefs
1998D. A. Noland 2007R. N. Nikolaus
1999E. W. Fentum 2008P. G. Bailey
2000J. L. Cooper, 2009F. A. Weinstein
2000B. F. Summers * 2010,2011J. A. Williams
2002K. L. Conragan 2012, 2013W. Price,
2003W. N. Wine 2014W. E. Ellison
2004D. R. Jolliffe 2015M.Harris
2005, 2006J. D. Nelson 2016 J. Yelinek
2006 E. Olivera *   

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