Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page
Richard Fisher
High Priest

Regular Convocations
Third Tuesday at 07:30 PM.
All Convocations are held in the
Fredericksburg Lodge Building
803 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA

OFFICERS 2021-2022
High Priest Richard Fisher
King David Bennett
Scribe Shawn Bryar
Treasurer  R.E. Jeremy Utt
Assistant Treasurer R.E. Bill Searcy
Secretary Dennis David
Assistant Secretary Charles J. Frame, Jr.
Chaplain R.E. Bill Searcy
Associate Chaplain Dan Thompson
Lecturer Thomas Lewis
Captain of the Host Christopher Tripp
Principal Sojourner Huey Allen
Royal Arch Captain Pat McConnell
Grand Master 3rd Veil Mike Brennan
Grand Master 2nd Veil Joe Gilkerson
Grand Master 1st Veil Al Cruz
Steward Al Cruz
Tiler Ex. Chuck Dirienzo
Almoner Ex. Chuck Barbee
Chapter Education Chris Tripp
Committee On Charles B. Barbee
Instruction/Programs: Richard Fisher
Thomas Lewis
Jeremy B. Utt
Blue Lodge Ambassadors Chuck Barbee, Rod Cutright,
Huey Allen, Mike Tucci.
Carl Weeks,
Rod Cutright,
Mike Tucci.

CONTACT: Secretary
Dennis David

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