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Knight Larry Q. Hall
Eminent Prior
2022 - 2023

OFFICERS 2022-2023
Eminent Prior Larry Q. Hall
Deputy Prior Earl T. Myers, Jr.
Warder Raymond G. Bagley, Jr.
Registrar/Treas. Douglas D. Crum, PP
Prelate Louis E. Starniri
Orator C. James Wilson
Herald Lynn E. Shields
Representative Wayne C. Faupel
Trustee Victor K. Crooks, II
Trustee Michael W. Klinger
Trustee Thomas C. Helm

Living Past Priors
William A. Drumheise Leslie J. Loomis
John W. Hawk Richard D. Wary
Marvin R. Long James R. Humer, Jr.
R. Kirk Cover Errol T. Betzenberger
Thomas F. Miller J. Budd Bell
Henry L. Lesher Donald M. Whistler
Herman W. Dundore Robert N. Panichi
Wilmer P. Quick Douglas D. Crum
Larry G. Newhard

For Official Information Contact:
Contact the Registar/Treas:
Douglas D. Crum, PP
643 Springhouse Lane
Hummelstown, PA. 17036 717 850-5796

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