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KP Jason W. Lotz
Preceptor - 2021-2022

Meets the 1st Saturday in June and
the Saturday after Thanksgiving
in Manassas, Virginia

OFFICERS for 2021-2022
Preceptor KP Jason W. Lotz
Deputy PreceptorKP Thomas G. Little
Registrar KC James B. Bartley
Seventh Pillar KP Daniel W. Thompson
Sixth Pillar KP Romulo M. Capuno
Fifth Pillar KP Mark T. Pennypacker, Sr
Fourth Pillar KP (Rev) Richard E. Saunders
Third Pillar KP Michael T. Huff
Second Pillar KP Peter S. JensenVacant
First Pillar KP Joe G. Broce
Inner Guard KP Matthew S. Bourelle
Outer Guard KP Vincent J. FaraciVacant
Prelate KP Jeremy B. UttVacant

1998 * John R. Wigglesworth, Jr 2013 Raymond D. Steele
2000 * Edwin R. Carpenter, Jr 2014 * Paul S. Newhall
2001 * Walter P. Benesch 2015 Donald L. McAndrewsl
2007 * Charles W. Wagner 2016 David C. Morris
2010 * Mark W. Underwood 2017 John W. Bullach, Jr
2011 James W. Golladay, Jr 2018 Joel D. Ratliff, Sr
2012 James B. Bartley 2019-2021

* Emeritus Members

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Contact the Registrar:
James B. Bartley, KC at

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