Fraternal Greetings and
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David J. Stringfellow
Excellent Chief, 2022

Meets at the Manassas Masonic Temple,
9810 Cockrell Road, Manassas, Virginia
1st Saturday in June, Saturday after Thanksgiving (Annual Meeting)
and at the pleasure of the Excellent Chief

Excellent Chief David J. Stringfellow
Senior Knight Thomas G. Little
Junior Knight Peter S. Jensen
Treasurer James B. Bartley, PEC
Scribe Bennett R. Hart
Senior Warden Jason W. Lotz
Junior Warden Michael T. Huff
Director of Ceremonies Carl E. Weaver
Priest Adam C. Duncan
Steward Jeremy B. Utt
Sentinel Doyle L. Meadows
Tiler Terry L. Gigure
Director of Work Donald L. McAndrews
  Barry Bartley

Living Past Chiefs
1990 Marvin M. Shoaf 2010 Michael J. Kastle
1992 Howard F. Coleman 2011 James W. Feeley
1994 Edwin R. Carpenter, Jr., PGTr, Emeritus 2012 Mark W. Underwood
1995 John R. Wigglesworth, Jr. 2013 Joseph L. Bongiovi
1996 Sheldon Arpad PGSK 2015 James W. Golladay, Jr
2001 Charles W. Wagner, PGTr, PGSK 2016 Roger M. Firestone
2002 Samuel L. Cochran 2018 John W. Pearson
2005 James B. Bartley 2019 John Shroeder
2006 G. Bernard Dungan, Jr. 2019 Donald Leo McAndrews
2007 George R. Bierman 2020/21 Romulo M. Capuno
2009 Franklin J. Pepper

For further information, please contact: Bennett R. Hart
9638 Park Street, Manassas, VA 20110

Since September 6, 2002
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Dan Pushee,
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